A realistic, semi-literate wolf role play.
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 Pack Information

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Origin of the Packs

So young I was, you disappeared. I know the truth is ugly, did you truly ever love me?

The packs were formed by three siblings, born to a lone wolf and her mate. The first a cream and grey female named Adamaris, and the other two grey males named Eleuthrius and Arelian. The pups grew up as best friends, but when they were four years old, their parents were killed by hunters. Shortly after, Arelian's mate disappeared with one of their pups. The three siblings tried to stay together, but Adamaris and Arelian began to resent the land they were raised on, convinced that it was cursed. Eleuthrius, however, was determined to stay in the place that he was raised. Adamaris took to the lake, and Arelian carried his daughter up into the mountains, determined to keep her safe. Eleuthrius still waits for his family to return to him.

Ora Pack

I lost where I was goin', 'cause I forgot where I came from.

Ora's main gathering place can be found on the grassy shores of a large lake. This pack currently has no dens, as Adamaris is not the most organised of the three Alphas. In Ora, it's every wolf for himself. This pack is a mix off all personality types, and no one takes Adamaris' commands seriously, though no one would attempt to take over. The one thing that wolves in Ora have in common is a need to rebel from the typical pack life. Ranks in this pack are not maintained very well, and are enforced on an honor system.

Ater Pack

I scrape my feet, this jagged ground. The cuts run deep into me now.

Ater's camp is located in the same clearing that the three Alphas grew up in. It's sunken into the ground with a large cave opposite the main entrance. Above the cave is flat, which is where Eleuthrius usually goes when he needs to address the pack. The wolves in this pack tend to be more outgoing and friendly. They seem to be very laidback, but don't think that that means that Eleuthrius is weak. Eleuthrius is a strong leader and demands respect from all of the members in his pack. The wolves of Ater believe that their pack is their family, and they must put their family above all else.

Ardor Pack

My faith is weak, my soul is bound. This lonely road I travel down.

Ardor's camp is located on the side of a rocky mountain, and could be considered treacherous to get to by those who do not know the area very well. Sometimes referred to as the 'misunderstood badasses' of Conexus, any wolf that wishes to pledge their allegiance to Arelian has to be tough, and should never back down from a challenge. In Ardor, you have to be ready for anything. Arelian's rule is firm, and everything he decides is decided for a reason, though he may not always articulate it.
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Pack Information
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