A realistic, semi-literate wolf role play.
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 Rank Descriptions

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PostSubject: Rank Descriptions   7/15/2015, 1:20 pm

High Ranks

Alpha: The Alpha is the leader of the pack, and anything they say goes. Any disrespect towards them could result in demotion or exile, depending on how strict the Alpha is. This position can be challenged, but losing could result in exile. There can be up to two Alphas, and they would be a mated pair.

Beta: The Beta is the second in command of the pack, and will step in if the Alpha is gone. They Beta becomes the Alpha if the current Alpha retires or dies. This position cannot be challenged, as Betas are chosen by the Alpha. There can be up to two Betas, and they would be a mated pair.

Healer: The Healer cares for wounded and sick members of the pack. They are usually not skilled in fighting or hunting, and are protected by the rest of the pack at all costs. If they find that a younger wolf has been injured to the point where they will be unable to hunt or fight, they may train that wolf and take them on as an apprentice. There may be up to two Healers at a time, they would be mentor and apprentice.

Elders: Elders are wolves that have aged to the point of no longer being able to hunt or fight. They are respected for their wisdom and the loyalty to they showed to their pack throughout their lives. There is no limit to the number of Elders in a pack.

Low Ranks

Deltas: Deltas are the messengers of the pack. They are also not very skilled at hunting, and are not the best fighters, though they must be able to defend themselves, and feed themselves if on a long journey. Deltas are usually smaller in build, and fast. They must be able to communicate with other packs. There can be up to four Deltas.

Warriors: Warriors make up the bulk of the pack. They hunt for food alongside the Alphas and Betas, and they bring back as much food as they need to make sure that everyone is well fed. They defend the members of the pack that are unable to defend themselves. There is no limit to the number of Warriors in a pack.

Adolescents: Wolves that are too old to be in the den, but are not yet ready to take on a rank. All Adolescents train with the Warriors, though some may move on to become Deltas. They remain at this rank until they have proven that they are able to take on an official rank. There is no limit to the number of Adolescents in a pack.

Mothers: Mothers are female wolves that are expecting or nursing pups. They stay with their pups until they leave the den, though they may sometimes leave the pups with other trusted members of the pack to join hunts, depending on how old the pups are. There is no limit to the number of Mothers in a pack.

Pups: Pups are wolves that are still living in the den with their mothers. They leave the den sometime between two and three months old. There is no limit to the number of pups in a pack.

Omegas: Omegas are typically seen as the lowest ranked members of the pack. Wolves are placed here if they disrespect the Alphas. A wolf may also become an Omega if they become wounded and cannot hunt or fight anymore, and the Healer does not choose to train them. Wolves that became and Omega due to injury are able to move on to become Elders when they become old enough, but disrespectful Omegas may stay Omegas until death. There is no limit to the number of Omegas in a pack.
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Rank Descriptions
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